How to combat burnout and depression!!


Since the Recession started back in 2008, the number of out of court settlements related to stress related illness and burnout has soared. So what is burnout? Burnout is defined as emotional, mental and physical exhaustion. Becoming burnout significantly reduces your capacity to function, affecting both work performance and relationships both personally and professionally. Yet both organisations and individuals are truly not taking responsibility for this huge problem seriously, what organisation wants to be associated for not looking after their most prized assets, people. Think of the damage it could cause to company image and reputation.

I always advise my clients that prevention is the best cure, so what do you or your organisation have in place to prevent this massive problem? Have you considered these options?

  1.  Regular health assessments, knowing how healthy we are is vital, could prevent high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attacks, diabetes and obesity, all related to the lifestyles we live.
  2. Regular fitness and team building events: the use of endorphins are the happy hormones to improve mental well-being and physical appearance. Our physical appearance is vital to prevent poor posture that could have an influence in how we do business with your clients.
  3. Encourage healthy eating: if you have a workforce full of energy, your organisation will improve profits, motivation and sleep patterns.

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Adam Strong is a Personal Trainer, Athlete, Author and Transformation Coach. His company Xclusive Corporate Fitness specialises in combating burnout and depression using positive motivation, corrective exercise and nutritional strategies. He has creating a 12 step programme for city executives that are stressed, exhausted and overworked.

Adam Strong +44 (0) 7738-276169


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